Production Technician

A production technician works on site at well locations and is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operations of producing oil or natural gas and for the production of water from the well. This position is also known as a lease operator, well tender, or well pumper.

Production technicians are assigned a number of well sites to monitor and spend much of their day driving between locations. At each well site, they are responsible for:

  • Checking pressures
  • Reading meters
  • Gauging tank fluid levels
  • Maintaining all of the equipment to prevent corrosion and leaks.

A primary responsibility for production technicians is maintaining a safe working environment. This includes:

  • Checking to make sure all relief valves are operational
  • Checking the entire well location for any environmental issues, such as leaks, spills, or erosion and sedimentation issues

Course Topics:

  1. Production Operations
  2. Well Control (Oil Field Hydraulics)
  3. Well Drilling Fundamentals
  4. Basic Cementing Fundamentals
  5. Basic Hydrofracking Fundamentals
  6. Introduction to Wireline Operations
  7. Production Safety
  8. Artificial Lift
  9. Well-site Instrumentation

Plus the following Natural Gas and Oil Technology Core topics:

  1. Introduction to The Natural Gas & Oil Industry
  2. Safety (Industrial, Hazard, Gas/Oil Operations)
  3. Introduction to Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  4. Introduction to Circuit Analysis And Basic Electrical Measurements
  5. Basic Emergency Response Procedures
  6. Environmental Protection Methods And Devices for the Natural Gas Industry
  7. Communication, Teamwork, and Conflict Resolution in Industry
  8. Introduction to Field Instrumentation and SCADA

Realistic Job Preview



Work alone in remote areas outdoors in all kinds of weather


  • Monday - Friday
  • 10 hours a day
  • Some overtime and weekends
  • Occasionally on call for holidays

Industry Sector(s)

  • Upstream

Keys for Success

  • Love the outdoors
  • Enjoy working alone
  • Self-motivated
  • "Jack-of-all-trades" type person
  • Detail-oriented
  • Computer literate


  • Certificate Program

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