Process Technician

Process Technicians work in the downstream sector of the industry monitoring the physical petroleum plant operations from liquid oil refineries to natural gas stripping and cryogenic operations.

The responsibilities of a process technician include:

  • Monitoring control room functions of the delivery of oil or gas products from the field to the sales points
  • Maintaining equipment, including valves, fittings, pressure and measurement equipment
  • Oversee the calibration of the equipment
  • Ensure that the facility complies with state and EPA regulations
  • Monitor the safety aspects of the equipment

Course Topics:

  1. Gas Processing
    1. Non-Cryogenic Processes
    2. Cryogenic Processes
  2. State and Local Petroleum Permitting and Regulations
  3. Waste Management
  4. Pipeline and Valve Operations and Maintenance
  5. Gas Control Room Operations
  6. Distribution Operation and Maintenance

Plus the following Natural Gas and Oil Technology Core topics:

  1. Introduction to The Natural Gas & Oil Industry
  2. Safety (Industrial, Hazard, Gas/Oil Operations)
  3. Introduction to Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  4. Introduction to Circuit Analysis And Basic Electrical Measurements
  5. Basic Emergency Response Procedures
  6. Environmental Protection Methods And Devices for the Natural Gas Industry
  7. Communication, Teamwork, and Conflict Resolution in Industry
  8. Introduction to Field Instrumentation and SCADA

Realistic Job Preview

Additional Details


  • Work at a plant facility - both inside the plant and outside on the facility property
  • Work as part of a team

Typical Schedule

  • Shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays
  • 10-12 hours a day
  • Overtime and being on call may be required

Industry Sector(s)

  • Downstream

Keys for Success

  • Works well with others
  • Detail-oriented
  • Computer literate
  • Highly technical


  • Certificate Program

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