Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Chances are if you've watched any TV or read the news lately, you've heard or seen something about the oil and natural gas boom in the United States and the jobs that have been created because of it.

You may have heard about Shale Oil or Shale Gas and terms like "shale play," "hydraulic fracturing" (or "fracing"), and "horizontal drilling." If you're like most people, you may be wondering what this all means and why it is important. Use the resources here to learn about these things and more.

Watch these videos to learn about shale, the oil and natural gas industry, and what is involved in turning these underground resources into energy and products we use every day.

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Learn more about the active U.S. shale plays – areas where oil or natural gas has been found in the shale formations. Click a name on the map for information about that shale play

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